About Robert

Robert Stofel is the author of the best-selling Survival Notes series, God, How Much Longer? and God, Are We There Yet? For three years he counseled crack addicts in the inner city of Nashville, Tennessee. Robert is a prolific magazine contributor and a Writer’s Digest contest winner.


3 thoughts on “About Robert

  1. Julie Locke

    WOW! I had no idea you had become a writer. It has been a long time since the old Lord’s Chapel. I remember your testamony. It is great to hear more of it.

  2. David Dickson

    Hi Robbie, I was so glad to meet you Thursday at Jurome’s Funeral. Thanks for letting me share in the service. On a Sunday that I feel well enough, my wife and I plan to visit your church. I am on Facebook and my e-mail address is nandad1@bellsouth.net



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