About Survival Notes for Race Fans

Robert Stofel’s new book explores God and NASCAR, using well-known NASCAR terms, such as restrictor plate racing, green/white checkers, the lucky dog, the myth of green, why NASCAR drivers feel green on a racecar is bad luck, Happy Hour, and marbles on the track. This book enlightens the race fan while offering an inspirational message within the 100 topics discussed. The book contains 100 devotional chapters with Scripture on opposite page–192 pages in all. This is a quick read. Five minutes a day is all it takes to read a chapter, and it will be the best five minutes for your soul.

If you are new to NASCAR racing, then this book is where you should start. Robert illuminates everyday terminology of NASCAR in a unique way that offers the reader information about NASCAR while nourishing the soul. It’s informative and uplifting.

Table of Contents

1. Before the Green Flag Drops

2. “Start Your Engines!”

3. “Go, Go, Go!”

4. Pre-Race Festivities

5. Take Some Tape Off

6. The Rookie Stripe

7. One of Those Racing Deals

8. The Race Is Won or Lost On Pit Road

9. Checking Up

10. Spotters

11. Scuff Tires

12. The Lucky Dog

13. Restrictor-Plate Racing

14. The One Thing

15. Tearoffs

16. The Drivers’ Meeting

17. Tradin’ Paint

18. Get a Drafting Partner

19. Staying Out

20. Infield Care Centers Can Make Drivers Wise

21. Working Around Lapped Traffic

22. Minimum Speed

23. Feeling a Vibration

24. Tire Rubs

25. Go High, Go Low

26. Hitting Your Marks

27. Debris on the Track

28. Stop-And Go Penalty

29. The Halfway Point

30. On Track Blocking

31. Pass-Through Penalty

32. Air Pressure Adjustment

33. Dirty Air

34. Checking Out on the Field

35. Paint Schemes

36. The Myth of Green

37. What Happens When There’s a Rain Out?

38. The Big One

39. Road Ringers

40. Downforce

41. Fabricator

42. Interval

43. Pit Box

44. Roof Flaps

45. Racing By the Book

46. Making It Stick

47. Getting a Run

48. Wind Tunnel

49. Marbles

50. Grooves

51. Radio Flyers and War Wagons

52. Knocking the Toe-Out

53. A Round of Wedge

54. Overheating

55. Making the Chase

56. Fuel Strategy

57. Happy Hour

58. Lifting

59. Causing a Wreck

60. Beneath Richard Petty’s Hat

61. Moonshine Days

62. “I Would Like to Thank…”

63. Double-File Restarts

64. The High Banks

65. Burnout

66. Short Track Passion

67. Winning the Race off Pit Road

68. Status and Wealth

69. Pit Crew Coaches

70. Sticker Versus Scuff Tires

71. Laying Back

72. Seat Time

73. Shock Absorbers

74. Sawing on the Wheel

75. Rainbow Warriors

76. Neutral

77. Rattling His Cage

78. Backup Car

79. Blown Motor

80. The “Pass in the Grass”

81. The Darlington Stripe

82. The Bitter Taste of Defeat

83. Fresh Rubber

84. Catch-Can

85. A Bad Battery

86. “That’s Racing”

87. Attrition

88. Back on the Throttle

89. Overtake

90. Jumping the Restart

91. In-Car Camera

92. Following the Pace Car

93. Primary Sponsor

94. “We’ll Get ‘Em Again Next Week”

95. Jr. Nation

96. Green-White-Checkered

97. Awards Banquet

98. Speedy Dry

99. Racing the Track

100. Victory Circle


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